In this episode of the High Achievers show, we talk with Adrianne Pozzi, senior mortgage advisor and branch manager of Pacific Sunbelt Mortgage. Adrianne shares how she balances a high-volume loan business with a personal touch that builds long-lasting relationships in the loan industry.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Tips for building a strong support team that produces high-volume work
  • How do you maintain a lot of clients without losing the human connection?
  • Building and maintaining relationships with builders
  • How do I get realtors to talk to me?
  • How do you market your loan services to builders?
  • How do you keep growing your business with builders?

Important Podcast Moments

[00:20] How did you get started in the mortgage industry?

[2:08] Building a strong, high-volume team

[2:50] How many applications do you handle on a regular basis?

[3:35] How are able to produce so much?

[7:00] What percentage of your business is builder vs resell?

[7:34] How do I get realtors to talk to me, as a loan officer?

[10:38} How many different realtors have you dealt with the past year?

[12:40] How do you market to builders?

[19:30] How do you deal with the stress of working with buyers

Quotes to Remember

“I definitely ride on the shoulders of my team.”

“We don’t just rely on email follow-ups with the buyers.”

“Buyers get handwritten notes.”

“The biggest thing we do is check on buyers after we close the loan.”

“It only takes one small thing to turn off a buyer.”

“I’m always marketing my past clients.”

Guest Bio

Adrianne Pozzi has been recognized as one of the top 200 mortgage originators in America and featured in the Mortgage Professionals Magazine. She is the Senior Mortgage Advisor and Branch Manager at Pacific Sunbelt Mortgage.


Top Originator: Adrianne Pozzi defies norms (Article in Mortgage Professional America magazine)

Adrianne Pozzi at Pacific Sunbelt Mortgage

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