The #1 Realtor for Exit Realty in Tennessee for 3 years running and the #1 Realtor in the Upper Cumberland area for the last 38 years shares her secret for sustaining a successful business with gratitude and connection.

Donnita Hill shares how growing up on a farm, having a goal-oriented mindset, maintaining a passion for her career, and sharing a genuine interest in people have fueled her business over the past 40+ years at the top of Tennessee real estate.

She shares details about her philosophy and strategy for "asking for the sale" and the reason she's built an awesome 4-person team to help her deliver exceptional service.

Key Talking Points:

  • "Asking for the business" -Donnita's simple method for growing business out her everyday connections
  • Donnita's goal-setting practice of daily accountability that's kept her at the top of her game
  • Balancing a busy real estate and family with the right boundaries
  • Developing and maintaining a reputation for good service in real estate
  • How do you build a good team in real estate?
  • Using the power of gratitute and positivity to change your life for the better

Key Milestones of the Episode

[1:08] How long have you been in real estate?

[2:16] What is the cost of your average transaction?

[2:57] What is your secret for growing your business? What methods do you use?

[3:41] What's a recent example of someone you've connected with to grow your business?

[6:38] Do you have a specific daily goal when you're "asking for the business"?

[8:56] Balancing business and family life

[10:26] What helps you and your team offer the best service in Tennessee real estate?

[12:30] How do you grow a good team to support you?

[14:56] What advice would you give your younger self?

[17:06] Using an extra 20 minutes of your day to build connections and grow gratitude

Magical Quotes

"I tell everyone that I started [real estate] right after leaving elementary school."

"I find an opportunity three or four times every day to ask for the business."

"People can tell that you care about what you do."

"'Contacts make contracts'....I remember that every day.."

"Every day I hold myself accountable..."

"I don't care if Mr. Donald Trump calls, my phone is off if she [my daughter] calls."

"I was raised to give 1110% , I still do, and will to continue to do my entire career."

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