A 25-year career real estate veteran, Harald Grant, who's worked with some of the top performers, entertainers, and the ultra-wealthy around the world drops by to offer quick lessons on the power of knowing your customer and humility to reach higher and higher levels in real estate.

Key Talking Points

  • How does it feel to work in the luxury real estate market?
  • Why you shouldn't focus on a customer's first answer during a sale
  • The power of humility
  • The key to advancing in real estate
  • Why you don't want to over-promote yourself out of a real estate career

Key Milestones of the Episode

[00:19] Can you drop some of the big name celebrities that you worked with?

[1:12] Did you ever get star-struck?

[3:43] How did you get to where you are now?

[4:40] The power of humility

[6:04] The keys to moving ahead in real estate

Magical Quotes

"I've deal with actors and actresses...I've dealt with rockstars..."

"Also, there is a saying in real estate, 'Buyers are liars.'"

"At the very beginning, I assumed what those customers wanted..."

"There's always going to be a better broker....It's about just focusing and working hard...."

"You start promoting yourself.... You're going to lose business."

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