Jennifer Guidry is the #1 loan officer in San Antonio, Texas. She’s been voted the Mortgage Professional of the Year for San Antonio Builders Association and ranks as one of the top 50 female originators nationwide.

She’s crushing this year already with 80 Million closed in volume with just her and 2 assistants.

She’s the face of home financing in San Antonio because she appears on a morning show weekly to educated people on loans. Besides television, Jennifer is venturing into social media marketing too.

Being in the business for 13 years, Jennifer offers useful tips that anyone can use to grow their business as well as hiring tips that can save you trouble.

Listen and learn from this episode.

Key Talking Points:

• Jennifer’s business model
• How does Jennifer market her business?
• How TV commercials work for Jennifer
• Hiring mistakes to avoid

Key Milestones of the Business:

(00:00): How Jennifer communicates with the team

(01:39): Jennifer’s business

(03:41): How Jennifer advertises her business

(04:44): Appearing on the morning show

(13:03): Advice for women who want to join the trade

(16:04): Tough business stands

(20:10): Hiring tips

(31:27): How Jennifer conducts her business differently from the rest of loan officers. (Her old school style of business)

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

  • “Be tenacious, don't give up and don't do what everyone else was doing”
  • “Be yourself”
  • “If you know someone's wrong, you got to cut ties”

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