James Wexler has impressive credentials in real estate after working in the field for only 9 years: #1 ranked buyer's agent in the state of Arizona, #2 realtor in Scottsdale, and a Wall Street Top 400 realtor.If that wasn't enough, he's also co-starred in radio and TV shows that brought him to the attention of the luxury market

To reach this level, James didn't focus on a fancy new CRM or "super-secret" real estate selling technique. He focused on one thing and one thing only, production.

By blocking off his calendar and committing to a production schedule that most real estate professionals don't even follow in their sleep, James was able to create results that move him light-years ahead of the competition.

Tune in to hear what he did and the simple techniques he used to produce big numbers in real estate in a very short amount of time.

Key Talking Points

  • Using open houses to start getting leads: Why James chose open houses to generate leads
  • Staying focused on one strategy in a real estate market filled with technology, techniques, and sales talk
  • Being accountable as a real estate agent
  • Tracking your productivity on a daily basis

Key Milestones of the Episode

[1:43] How did you get started in real estate?

[3:50] How did you manage to get enough leads at an open house?

[5:08] What helped you persist during those first years as you were getting started?

[6:28] Once you started leads, how did you keep the momentum growing?

[10:47] What kind of accountability did you use to help you reach your real estate goals?

[20:29] How did you transition into the luxury market in real estate?

Magical Quotes

"I made a goal of sitting open house every day for 2 years.....I did an open house 233 days in a row."

"In 2018...I sold $82 million dollars of real estate personally."

"I needed to eat, so I went fishing [for real estate leads] every day."

"I still make it a point, consistently, to set aside time for lead generation."

"Most people aren't setting aside the necessary time to do lead generation."

"Your goal, on a daily basis, is to figure out how to [have] a conversation with a person..[who is looking] to buy a house, sell a house, or refer you to someone who will buy or sell a house."

"Be cautious of the passive activities..."

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