A top senior loan officer and regional manager in charge of 4 offices that has closed $110mm in volume YTD, shares the power of selling through education. Joe discusses why holding educational events holds the key to building a business that can thrive off referrals and repeat clients instead of paid advertising and paid lead generation. Joe also shares why an educational event (like a 1-hour CE class) can build sales opportunities now and six months down the road.

Key Talking Points:

  • Joe's introduction: Business without loans or paid advertising
  • Why public speaking and educational events are an untapped resource
  • How to get your educational event approved for CE
  • How to market your course
  • Overcoming the obstacles to creating a course
  • How to defeat procrastination
  • Can you outsource your course?

Key Milestones of the Episode

[1:08] How do you get the bulk of your business?

[2:34] How often do you run educational events and courses?

[4:44] Is becoming an approved CE provider a valuable asset?

[6:18] How do you create a course that gets approved?

[8:34] How long does it take for a course to get approved for CE credits?

[9:28] Promoting your class: A 3-step framework to help you get started

[13:52] What are the biggest obstacles that keep more people from become public speaker and educators

[16:47] Can I outsource this stuff

Magical Quotes from this Episode

"My business is 100% repeat and referral."

"You can come up with a curriculum that adds to that agent's toolbox."

"I'm like a dinousaur in the morgage industry."

"I want business today, but I also want business 6 months fro now...."

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