In this episode, the #1 Realtor in Florida, Paul Saperstein, drops advice about becoming a direct mail "superstar" and dealing with company transitions. Paul shared why mailing market reports is still important in his market (even in the era of the internet) and how he made two important transitions (buyer's agent to listing agent and RE/Max to eXp Realty). He also shared tips on building your own personal brand.

Listen in if you need advice on branding, making the right moves during a career transition, and creating direct mail that brings in leads.

Key Talking Points

  • Growing a real estate business in the early days of the Internet
  • Transitioning from buyer's agent to listing agent
  • Becoming a leading real estate pro in your niche
  • Using direct mail the right way
  • Changing companies-How to retain your business when you're going to a new company
  • Personal vs. corporate branding as a real estate professional
  • Staying persistent while branding

Key Milestones of the Episode

[1:00] Getting started in real estate

[1:25] How did you get business in the early days of the Internet?

[2:47] Moving from buyer's agent to listing agent

[3:48] How did you become a leading real estate professional in your area?

[5:00] Connecting with seniors in the real estate market

[7:20] Using direct mail

[8:03] Moving successfully from one company to another

[10:12] What were the biggest struggles you had when moving to a new company?

[12:25} Branding yourself vs. sticking with the company brand

[13:38] How do you stay persistent in branding?

[15:06] More direct mail secrets

Magical Quotes

"I ended up partnering with the #2 agent in the company out of 1500 agents..."He, believe it or not, was actually getting Internet leads 20 years ago."

"...step up the customer service and the referrals followed."

"Perception is everything."

"People are getting away from spending money to brand the company..."

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