One of the top 500 loan originators nationwide consistently producing $75mm as a branch manager, Tammy Wittren, shares how she builds her pyramid of Realtors that accounts for 60% of her volume.

As a member of The Core Training, and between closing applications, she coaches real estate agents and loan officers on how they can increase their productivity.

Key Talking Points: 

  • Tammy’s introduction
  • How she acquires clients
  • How to become friends with real estate agents
  • Tammy’s coaching program
  • Her wisdom for other loan officers aspiring to grow 

Key Milestones of the Episode:

 (01:29): Tammy’s introduction

 (02:36): How does Tammy acquire her clients?

 (04:20): How can you make friends with real estate agents?

 (05:49): Tips for real estate agents

 (09:18): The six weeks training program for realtors

 (12:51): How Tammy markets her business

 (18:33): Advice for loan originators

Magical Quotes from the Episode

“The day that you take responsibility for what they have given, they’re leading, and you treat it like it is gold. Your business will explode.”

“A limiting belief is that you can’t do it. “

” If you want to exercise, you must exercise. No one is going to do it for you.”

“Add value to the people that you work with, and you will grow them."

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