Kelly Zitlow has been ranked in both Scotsman Guide & National Mortgage News Magazine as a top producer in the nation and has also received the 5-Star Mortgage Professional Award for the last 4 years in a row.

She’s been featured weekly on the American Dream Show in Phoenix, Arizona and national television, appearing twice on episodes of Designing Spaces on the Lifetime Channel.

Listen to Kelly spills the beans about video marketing and how it can impact your business.

Key Talk Points:

  • Kelly’s introduction
  • Kelly’s business
  • Kelly‘s journey to producing videos
  • How videos can impact your business
  • Hiring a team

Key Milestones from the Episode

 (00:01): Kelly’s introduction

 (02:19): Kelly’s journey to doing videos

 (07:01): What impact can video have on your business?

 (18:55): How Kelly got on TV

 (21:22): Words of wisdom

(26:08): Video making process

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

  • “You're going to make mistakes. You're gonna flip. It's really what happens in life”
  • “Starting somewhere no matter where you're at”
  • “Video is the next best thing to being face to face with somebody”
  • “Video allows somebody to get to know you without, you know, sitting down with you.”

Find Out More About Kelly:

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